Dominique Chadwick (Dr) is an independent researcher, filmmaker and media trainer with a background in development and education. In 2000 she established as an independent consultant after working for 15 years for the University of Cambridge as a producer of educational programmes.

She has 25 years experience of covering and reporting on humanitarian issues often in challenging environments and difficult situations. For the last 25 years she has covered issues from the relief operations in Haiti to the prevention of genocide in Rwanda, the universal birth registration campaign in Cambodia, children’s rights in The Philippines, gender justice in Ghana, Zambia and Uganda, and health and education projects in many parts of the world.

She is specialized in running participatory media projects for marginalized groups. She has run numerous training workshops in film production for groups of farmers, street vendors, pastoralists, women farmers and traders, street children, orphans and refugees. She has organized screenings and forum discussions in the targeted remote communities combining film screening and the use of radio production to follow up the discussions.

She holds a PhD in applied social sciences and a Master in economics from French universities. Her research focused on the development of a rural community in Mexico. During her research she developed an interest in filming and consequently trained in England as a film director and producer with EBS, the Educational Trust and the National Film school short courses.

Dominique Chadwick is passionate and committed to use film and media projects to inform and advocate to bring social change to the most deprived communities.