Samfya – Nasanga Inshila (Extract) – Zambia

Penelope is a young woman from Samfya in northern Zambia. Her life is suddenly turned around when she becomes an orphan at the age of 14, when both her parents die of AIDs. Life becomes very difficult for Penelope who engages briefly into prostitution. Supported and encouraged by her head master she eventually leaves prostitution to resume her education. Through telling her true story she wants to help others young women in similar difficult situations.

This docu-drama was filmed and produced by the Samfya Filmmakers Group, a group of 20 women from Samfya trained in film production as part of a participatory film project.

Participatory film project led by Dominique Chadwick and Abibata Mahama.

Film edited by Dominique Chadwick

Nasanga Inschila from Dominique Chadwick on Vimeo.

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