Transparency – Living Without Borders – Children Refugees – UK

Thousands of Child refugees arrive on Britain’s soil every year without a parent or guardian. The intense psychological scars these young people have accumulated both in their home countries and in leaving their families behind are merely compounded by the isolation they face on their arrival in the UK.

The Transparency project offers a window on the experiences of a group of young refugees since their arrival in London’s East End from countries including Afghanistan, Angola, Iraq, Nigeria, Romania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka. Over a period of 6 months he 13 students receive regular training in photography. Through their own pictures they express their desire for people to look beyond their refugee status and to see them as they see themselves: as teenagers, far from home, in a difficult present, determined to succeed in spite of their past.

Filmed by Dominique Chadwick and Camille Warrington in collaboration with PhotoVoice.

Directed and edited by Dominique Chadwick

Transparency from Dominique Chadwick on Vimeo.

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