Better Governance in the Communities – Ghana

In Ghana, today, there is a growing concern that Assemblymen and women who are elected by members of their communities are not connecting enough with their constituents. In the Akosombo Eastern Region of the country, Assembly members are now being trained in community engagement and participation and public speaking. This scheme led by Socioserve is already producing positive results with assembly members engaged in securing employment and vocational training for their young constituents.

Shot in Ghana, this film is part of a series of 11 stories of change in good governance through the Mwananchi Project . This ODI project, funded by DFID, works to strengthen citizen engagement with governments across six African countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia).
The project is managed in Ghana by PDA Ghana,

Filmed and directed by Dominique Chadwick

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