For a Better Deal on Natural Resources – Ghana

The Youth of Mpatase in the Western Region of Ghana are determined to improve the facilities in their community where there is no hospital, police station, cemetery or recreational grounds. They are very frustrated by the fact that most of the land is occupied by the Rubber Plantation Company. They are determined to claim a portion of the land back and decide to go and talk to the Chiefs. They are supported by the organisation Conservation Foundation who is working towards better transparency and accountability of the management of natural resources.

Shot in Ghana, this film is part of a series of 11 stories of change in good governance through the Mwananchi Project . This ODI project, funded by DFID, works to strengthen citizen engagement with governments across six African countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia).
The project is managed in Ghana by PDA Ghana,

Filmed and directed by Dominique Chadwick

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